Implementing CTSdatabase as a subject registry in your study will allow you and your investigators an immediate history of a subject’s past study participation. 

A Subject Database Authorization form is IRB-approved and signed, like a HIPAA authorization, along with the study ICD. It takes only three minutes for site personnel to access important information about when, where, and for what indication a subject has previously participated in studies.

For a reasonable per-study cost, we provide crucial information which can enhance subject safety and protect efficacy signals in your study. This process requires no hardware, does not significantly add to site burden, and may dramatically increase your chances of study success.

21 CFR11, GDPR and HIPAA-compliant, CTSdatabase has been shown to reduce the number of duplicate subjects entering clinical trials.

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Integrating CTSdatabase With Clinical Systems

At CTSdatabase, we pride ourselves on having created a technology platform that is able to integrate with other clinical systems to send and receive data.  Through our secure and state of the art API gateway, we are able to integrate with existing clinical systems (IRT, eCOA, and clinical surveillance) for a seamless experience allowing site users to enter data once rather than into multiple systems.